PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019

Akash Tandon

Akash Tandon
Contributing towards fulfilling the I in AI, one problem at a time.
Technical interests
MachineLearning, Python, devops, R, OpenSource, dataops, datascience, DataEngineering
New Delhi, India
Compact biography

Akash Tandon is a data aficionado and machine learning practitioner.
He's passionate about data democratization and that led him to his current role as a member of the data engineering team at SocialCops. SocialCops is a data intelligence firm based out of New Delhi which had been selected as a tech pioneer by World Economic Forum in 2018.

He's also an open source developer and had participated in the Google Summer of Code program as a student and mentor.

In the past he has presented at multiple community conferences and events, including PyData India, Delhi (2018) and Google I/O extended Delhi (2018).