PyCon X


2-5 maggio 2019

Alexander Hendorf

Alexander Hendorf
Data, dada and digitalisation.
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#community, Deep-Learning, #data, machine-learning, data-science, pydata
Mannheim, Germany
Breve biografia

Alexander' professional career was always about digitalization: starting from vinyl records in the nineties to advanced data analytics nowadays. He's program chair of Europe's main Python conference EuroPython, PyConDE and the scientific Python conference EuroSciPy. He’s one of the 25 mongoDB masters and a regular contributor to the tech community. As regular speaker at international conferences in he love to talk about, discuss and train tech. Being a partner at Königsweg - a boutique consultancy based in Mannheim, Germany - he's advising and training industry clients in Ai, data science and big data matters.