PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019

Anna Makarudze

Anna Makarudze
Technical interests
django, simulation, HTTP, scikit-learn, html, django-rest-framework, flask, git, scientific-computing, node.js, scipy, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Python, webapp, jquery, bigdata, analytics, html5, programming, data-analysis, github, web-development
Harare, Zimbabwe
Compact biography

I am an ICT Consultant and Django/Python developer based in Harare, Zimbabwe. I am also organiser of Django Girls Harare and Masvingo events as well as PyCon Zimbabwe organiser. Am currently working on setting up Pyladies Harare. I am a Python enthusiast and like volunteering to ensure the advancement of Python in my community. I also passionate about increasing the number of women involved in the programming discipline and am therefore working on developing mentorship programmes to ensure that our Django Girls attendees continue developing with Python after attending the workshop.