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2-5 maggio 2019

Avneet Kaur

Avneet Kaur
Happy Go Lucky Polyglot programmer
Sito web
Interessi tecnologici
nlp, social-media, Network, conferences, bigdata, analytics, data-analysis, information-retrieval, visualization, Genetic Algorithms, pydata, bio-informatics, machine-learning, pandas, statistics, Data Mining, data, computational-linguistics, women, data-visualization, Social Network Analysis, scikit-learn, scikits, computer-science, nltk, Artificial Intelligence, sklearn
New Delhi,India
Breve biografia

I recently graduated with a B.Tech degree in Computer Science. Currently I am researching in the field of NLP, IR, Knowledge graphs as a project assistant at Indian Institute Of Technology Delhi. I am inspired by the advancing developments in making computers imitate and understand human language, vision and intelligence and so much more, which I feel can be used to solve challenges that the differently abled people face. I am an avid reader, an eloquent writer, and love to share my experiences with others as well as learn from others. I can program in multiple languages , Python being my first love since freshman days!. I do love to talk a lot too. A cup of hot chocolate, my laptop and a research problem to work on, is what my day mostly comprises of.

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