PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019

Bence Faludi

Bence Faludi
Data expert, Python developer
Technical interests
WSGI, project-management, data-analysis, PSF, startup, pl/python, data-visualization, api, programming-languages, concurrency, oauth2, Full Text Search, d3, OSX, statistics, productivity, C/C++, CPython, flask, bigdata, opencv, beer, open-data, web-development, erlang, numpy, quality-assurance, sqlalchemy, game-development, coroutine, REST, italian-food, JIT, git, jinja2, html5, Data Mining, datawarehousing, data, python3, women, jquery, scikit-learn, web-scraping, github, postgresql, open-source, ComputerVision, mobile, database, test-driven-development, riak, PyQt, Machine Learning, oculus-rift, object-oriented-programming, scipy, elasticsearch, architecture, nltk, Artificial Intelligence, crawler
Compact biography


Data warehouse specialist, IT project manager, Python expert. Built databases for Nissan, OTP Bank, led IT development Union Insurance, Central European University, Procter & Gamble and Organizer of the Budapest Database Meetup and co-organizer of the Budapest Python Meetup and creator of the mETL business intelligence tool.

Bence Faludi’s Talks