PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019

Ciro Campese

Ciro Campese
Adaptive Scientist
Technical interests
windows, neural network, electronics, bayes, complexity, iOS, MOOC, python3, physics, database, agile, multiplatform, map-reduce, chess, Pedagogical learning, csv, Statistical Learning, audio, oracle, data-visualization, Genetic Algorithms, music, statistics, retrocomputing, pyladies, beer, youtube, games, mercurial, finance, computational-linguistics, marketing, code generation, Functional Programming, devops, risk-management, Python, EPublishing, healthcare, dajngo, mathematical-modelling, basket, books, bigdata, Amazon, algebra, documentation, analytics, derivatives, E-learning, resilience, startup, Minecraft, 3d-printing, cognitive-science, GPUComputing, computer-science, psychology, webapp, bio-informatics, free-software, italian-food, matplotlib, genetics, open-source, chianti, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence
Compact biography

Supply chain and Lean expert with 20 yrs industry practice experience, certified APICS CPIM instructor, ML-Python enthusiast from 2016.

Ciro Campese’s Talks