PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019

Danilo Maurizio

Danilo Maurizio
data must be attended to give them confidence
Technical interests
datamining, data-analysis, machine-learning
Compact biography

Danilo is “Advanced and Predictive Divison Manager” at Horsa S.p.a, a System Integrator company based in Bologna (Italy). He has a degree in statistics from the university of Padova. He felt in love with python data analysis stack and often struggle when selecting R or python for the next analytics project. He has about twenty years of analytics experience achieved working with leading companies and research projects. His work includes consultancy, business development, project management. I am often asked to design metrics (and organize their production) with the aim of reducing the complexity of certain phenomena ... I wonder very much less.

Danilo Maurizio’s Talks