PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019

Dmitry Trofimov

Dmitry Trofimov
Technical interests
best-practices, quality-assurance, deployment, porting, Python, refactoring, java, text-editors, productivity, IDE, multiplatform, collaboration, debugger, Rust, profiler
PyCharm Team Lead
Compact biography

Dmitry Trofimov currently leads the development of PyCharm, a popular Python IDE by JetBrains. Dmitry is passionate about automation and software tooling. Before PyCharm, he implemented many different tools for a variety of companies including a visual site-scraper generator, model-to-code mappers, and even a code generator for hardware used in submarines. In his spare time, he is a committed running enthusiast and triathlete.

Dmitry Trofimov’s Talks