PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019

Enrico Franchi

Enrico Franchi
I don't believe in the no-win scenario.
Technical interests
community, complexity, mathematics, stackless, hacking, nosql, twisted, numpy, numeric, datamining, software-engineering, pypy, refactoring, erlang, core-programming, postgresql, cloud, optimization, appengine, management, education, pair-programming, concurrency, information-retrieval, performance, haskell, mysql-hatred, cython, parallelization, C/C++, Artificial Intelligence, metaprogramming, greenlet, eventlet, couchdb, hpc, scientific-computing, testing, humor, unix, lego, best-practices, command-line, iPython, Python, profiling, vim, MessageQueues, tdd, api, distributed, project-management, scalability, identity-management, Functional Programming, declarative-programming, networkx, free-software, code generation, mongodb, jython, grid, systems-programming, linux, automation, mathematical-modelling, machine-learning, computer-science, py.test, python-bindings, data-analysis, github, compilers, Social Network Analysis, test-driven-development, matplotlib, commonlisp, logic, bigdata, scm, Algorithms
Parma, Italy
Compact biography

My main interests are related to distributed systems, networking, functional programming, and software engineering. I love coding, Unix, maths, essential designs and Python. I started my trade as a maths guy, ended up with a Ph.D. in Information Technology along the way, and now I am working as an engineer for a pretty large American company in Dublin.