PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019

Flavio Percoco

Flavio Percoco
Technical interests
mongodb, mobile, django, nosql, performance, arduino, datamining, gevent, parallelization, pypy, celery, python3, api, database, core-programming, graphics, optimization, linux, scm, Algorithms, android
Compact biography

Prior to Red Hat, Flavio worked on Big Data oriented applications, search engines and message systems. He was also an active member of Gnome's a11y team where he contributed to Orca and created MouseTrap, a head-tracker application. Outside Red Hat Flavio likes to take run, travel, hang around with family and friends and whatever seems interesting.

Nowadays, Flavio spends most of his time hacking on containers and messaging technologies in the OpenStack community. He also serves as a member of the OpenStack Technical Committee and works close with communities.