PyCon X


2-5 maggio 2019

Francesco Fiore

Francesco Fiore
System Architect @ Par-Tec
Interessi tecnologici
OpenShift, devops, Python, continuous-delivery, paas, IaaS, OpenStack, distributed-systems, docker, CloudComputing, kubernetes
Rome, Italy
Breve biografia

System Engineer/Architect in Par-Tec since 2009. I deal with design, development/integration and delivery of software infrastructures.

In recent years I worked mainly as a Cloud Engineer for delivering of OpenStack/Ceph infrastructures and as a DevOps Architect for designing and development of Continuous Delivery platforms for microservice-based application infrastructures on OpenShift in the public sector.

I love develop, so, as well as Python, over time I also wrote several lines of code in other languages: C, Java, Groovy, Node.js,... I like working on distributed systems, and then on everything that is Cloud.

Francesco Fiore’s Talks