PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019

Matteo Barbieri

Matteo Barbieri
As my mother always says, I'm smarter than I look
Technical interests
machine-learning, parallelization, computational-biology
PhD Student
Compact biography

Matteo Barbieri is a PhD student in Computer Science at the University of Genoa, Italy. He received a Master’s degree in Computer Science (2012) at the University of Genoa with a thesis on Multi Agent Systems.

As a PhD student he is currently working on the analysis of high dimensional data using HPC systems applied to the analysis of biomolecular datasets.

His main areas of interest are sparse regularization methods for variable selection and reproducible and robust methods in the small n large p setting, Computational Biology, Parallel Computing. He is author and co-author of 3 peer reviewed journal and conference papers.