PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019

Michele De Simoni

Michele De Simoni
Data Plumber for 💰 . Pythonista 🐍 . Lover of 🐧 🐧. Wannabe (Tech) Evangelist. Walking Beard. Black humor & memes dispenser. Evil Mastermind. Mad Tinkerer 🤖
Technical interests
Keras, Jupyter, google-cloud, scikit-learn, haskell, tensorflow, flask, Deep-Learning, infrastructure-as-code, DataPlumbing, DataEngineering, GNU/Linux, tech-evangelism, blockchain, datascience, Airflow, machine-learning, Functional Programming, Rust, finance, probabilistic-programming, data-analysis, pydata, Artificial Intelligence, robotics
Bologna, Italy
Compact biography

Lover of 🐧🐧. Pythonista 🐍. Machine Learning Engineer 🤖. Mad Scientist. Evil Mastermind. Walking Beard. Tinkerer. Nerd. Tech junkie.

Currently employed as a Machine Learning Engineer at, there I lead the research effort on GANs (and everything else relating to either the generative or the adversarial world of Deep Learning), help with Computer Vision and act as the Supreme Overlord of the Data Pipeline that feeds our AIs.

I love Open Source, Open Data, Open Science and the tech communities and conferences surrounding these topics. I am a prolific teacher/speaker/writer focused on spreading the Python and (Open) Data/AI/Science/Source/Hadware Gospel.

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