PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019

Nicola Iarocci

Nicola Iarocci
Fiercely curious about life and passionate about learning new things.
Technical interests
mongodb, json, REST, data-structures, nosql, validation, python3, api, flask, sqlalchemy, WSGI, c#
Ravenna, Italy
Compact biography

Nicola is a passionate Python and C# developer based in Ravenna, Italy. He is the co-founder of CIR2000 where he leads the development of Amica 10, an accounting software for Italian small businesses. He is the creator and maintainer of a number of open source projects such as the Eve REST API Framework, Cerberus, FatturaElettronica.NET, Spesometro.NET, and more. Awarded with the Microsoft MVP Award for Development Technologies and MongoDB Master, Nicola is also a Trainer and Speaker. In his free time, he runs the local CoderDojo, a coding club for kids.