PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019

Peadar Coyle

Peadar Coyle
Technical interests
Python, data-analysis, Machine Learning, continuous-integration
Compact biography

My trajectory has evolved across physics, mathematics, and computer science in order to extract value from data, innovate and drive change. Passionate about using Mathematics and Statistics to understand and improve your business.

Experienced as a Data Scientist across multiple industries Peadar has an exceptional ability to extract strategic insights from massive data sets and can translate pattern recognition and data exploration into actionable opportunities encompassing multiple product lines. He is a highly intelligent, resourceful, self-confident, entrepreneurially focused creative problem-solver, able to identify problems, cultivate solutions and move business forward by constantly looking for better approach.

My background academically includes Mathematics and Physics, I'm happy talking about Support Vector Machines and Particle Physics.