PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019

But I never wanted to do DevOps!

For the Python web developer, deployment can take you out of your Python comfort zone, and distract you from application development.

Read the But I never wanted to do DevOps! workshop handbook for details of what we’ll cover.

In this workshop we’ll introduce you to modern Python/Django cloud deployment for web applications using Docker and services such as AWS or Azure, using Divio Cloud for all our examples. You’ll create and deploy a Django project from scratch, and learn how deployment and maintenance are within your reach - without having to do DevOps.

The workshop will also demystify Docker as a development environment.

We’ll use various tools in the workshop, but it’s about skills, not tools - and all the skills are transferable.

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in on Sunday 5 May at 09:45 See schedule

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