PyCon X


2-5 maggio 2019

But I never wanted to do DevOps!

Anche possibile in italiano

For the Python web developer, hard questions about deployment are never far away. It doesn’t matter whether you face deployment using a traditional infrastructure or a cloudy one: it’s going to take you out of your Python comfort zone, and distract you from application development.

At Divio, we’re Python/Django programmers, and we’ve built the cloud that we wanted to use. It’s friendly and opinionated, and allows us to do our deployment with a minimum of distraction and with the minimum excursion from our comfort zone. Our infrastructure and the tools to interact with it are built in Python.

In this workshop we’ll introduce you to modern Python/Django cloud deployment for web applications using Docker and services such as AWS or Azure, using Divio Cloud for all our examples. You’ll create and deploy a Django project from scratch, and learn how deployment and maintenance are within your reach - without having to do DevOps.

in on domenica 5 maggio at 09:45 See schedule

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