PyCon X


2-5 maggio 2019

Communicating Between Microservices

Microservices are not just a bunch of little apps, it’s a connected ecosystem.

Within a monolith, code modules invoke each other simply by using language-level function calls, but in a microservice architecture, communication between components does not come for free anymore. Choosing not just a protocol, but a paradigm for communication between endpoints is considered the most tricky issue of microservice approach. Many developers would instinctively go with the RESTful approach, however, one has to be aware of the HTTP overhead and latency that this approach brings, as well as potential scalability and reliability risks. A message queue is usually the next thought, but does everyone know how to design and scale a queue?

This talk will present options that we have for connecting microservices and building scalable and reliable systems right from the beginning. We will go over synchronous and asynchronous protocols and discuss single- and multi-receiver scenarios. The talk will be summarized by charts with practical performance tests of different approaches.

in on sabato 4 maggio at 17:15 See schedule

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