PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019

Geospatial analysis with Python

Due to its effectiveness and simplicity, Python is spreading as a choice for handling geospatial data. From running algorithms capable of extracting geo-referred insights or processing geo archives, Python could represent a powerful tool to handle geo-related problems thanks to an extensive set of libraries. The training will give an overview about processing geospatial data with Python. An approximate agenda will include:

  • Introduction
    • setting up the the environment
    • an introduction to geospatial world
  • Working with geospatial data
    • playing with geo archives (vector/rasters)
    • extracting geo analytics
    • Vector tiles big vector data
    • Apache Spark for geospatial raster analysis
  • Python for Earth observation
    • Classifying earth observation images
    • Extracting insights from Copernicus products
    • Use SNAP from Python

No tools are required for attending this training. Bring your PC with Docker installed. Further instructions will be provided.

Feedback form:

in on Friday 3 May at 10:30 See schedule
in on Saturday 4 May at 18:00 See schedule


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    Since the Docker image is pretty big, please download it:

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