PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019

Mastering Your Tools

I’m all about efficiency. Not just code execution efficiency, but also regarding my work tools, and my usage of them.Having been an avid programmer and Linux user for several years now, and being obsessed with my workflow efficiency, I’ve amassed a pretty good understanding of how to improve productivity when it comes to writing code. From small but powerful configurations for my text editor that took me weeks to find to some not-so-well-known tools, I’m always thinking about how I can tweak my environment and workflow to perfection. Have you ever considered how many keys you hit during the day? And how can you go about minimizing that and train your muscle memory to make you more efficient? And what about that thing you’re not even noticing you’re spending so much time on, and that you could improve on?This talk will focus on very practical advice aimed at answering the above questions.

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