PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019

Taking care of PostgreSQL with Ansible

Ansible is a powerful automation tool written in Python. With its modules already built for PostgreSQL, we can easily manage the most advanced open source database, making sure the configuration is exact in every detail and repeatable as many times as it is needed. In this talk we will understand how Ansible works, see some of its main modules for system/cloud administration, and learn how it can be used to orchestrate PostgreSQL deployments, managing all parts of the process at ease. A PostgreSQL test environment configuration, using Ansible and Vagrant, will be shown as an example.


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    Hi Ruben! The talk seems very interesting.

    Can you pls, describe better which kind of deployments are you going to orchestrate (Eg. highly-available, standalone, geo-distributed, ...)
    — Roberto Polli,
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    Hi Roberto!

    The idea is to have a general view about how Ansible works, and to deploy a PostgreSQL streaming replication plus Disaster Recovery solution.
    So it will be a master + a hot-standby + a backup server (Barman).
    — Rubens Souza,

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