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2nd - 5th May 2019

TDD in Python with pytest

Test-Driven Development is a methodology that can greatly improve the quality of your software. I strongly believe that developing software without following as much as possible a test-driven approach leads to massive delays and greater issues when requirements change (always, that is).

In this workshop we will develop a very simple Python project following TDD with the help of the pytest framework. We will work together, and no previous knowledge of testing or the testing framework is required. A minimum knowledge of Python is required, but the project will be very simple, so that we can focus on learning the testing methodology.

I successfully run the workshop at London PyLadies Meetup, PyCon UK 2018, and PyCon IE 2018.

Attendees, please clone the repository at and follow the instructions. Please do it before the workshop.

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in on Friday 3 May at 10:30 See schedule


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    Slides for the talk:
    This talk is a reduced version of the original 4-hours workshop, so we won't cover everything. The slides contain however many resources that can help you continue your journey.
    — Leonardo Giordani,

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