PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019

Writing Plugin Based Chat Bots in Telegram (and Slack)

With the rise in popularity of bot friendly chat services (Telegram, Slack, Weechat, Facebook Messenger), it has become possible to develop simple services very quickly and cheaply.

In this Training Session, we will show how to use some frameworks to build bots for Telegram and Slack, including our own.

Our framework aims to ease as much as possible the writing of custom plugins, both in terms of time and complexity while still exploiting the capabilities of each bot API at the fullest

Some example bots would be:

  • Receiving a gif every time a camera detects motion

  • Be notified when a webcomic gets updated

  • Monitoring server status

  • Launching other scripts with a chat message

  • Notification of Critical System log changes

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