Pycon nove


19th 22th April 2018

PyCon Italia is the national conference where professionals, researchers and enthusiasts of the most beautiful programming language gather together.


In the wonderful setting of Florence, PyCon is a weekend for learning, meeting and discovering.

Starting from this edition, PyCon Italy's structure will change: it will become a multi-thematic event featuring the most important subcommunities of the Python universe.


Each subcommunity will have its own space in the conference, its thematic tracks, but also sprints, open-spaces and events. All this is free for the conference attendees.

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I loved PyCon Italia! It has everything: a beautiful city, a great organization, and some of the brightest Python coders in Italy.

- Guido van Rossum, Dropbox, Inc.

PyCon Italia is a great way to meet the top coders in Italy, talk with major vendors, and either recruit or be recruited.

- Raymond Hettinger, Python’s Core developer

PyCon Italia is the conference closest and dearest to my heart out of the many I regularly attend.

- Alex Martelli, Google Inc.

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Here we are.
Unfortunately it's all true.
Even for this year, PyCon Italia is ended.

Finally: PyCon!

Here we go. The boxes are all ready. The third check has been done. Tomorrow will officially start PyCon Italia 8 and months and months of work will see their goal. We're tired, but we can't wait to see you all in this great occasion :)

Startup Competition winners and end of the Regular fare!

Here's the name of the winners of the PyCon Italia 8 Startup Competition! Be careful, the end of the Regular fare is close, be quick and buy your ticket now!