PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019

EuroPython digital guide now available as smartphone app

We are happy to announce that you can now download the first version of the EuroPython digital guide, as a smartphone application or mobile-friendly website.

We have partnered with GuideBook to offer a compelling app to browse the schedule, look at the hotel map, and so on.

GuideBook is a free smartphone application (iOS and Android) that will let you download the EuroPython guide and browse it offline. Moreover, a builtin notification system will alert you whenever we will push a new update to the guide, so that you can always keep in your pockets the latest version of the conference schedule.

In fact, unfortunately, there are still changes going on in the schedule that are forced by last-minute cancellation of speakers. We are trying to minimize the reshuffling as much as possible, and Lorenzo (our speaker manager) is working hard to fill all the missing slots with new talks.

We are also doing a few track swaps to better prepare for the estimated attendance of each talk. You should hopefully see the number of warning signs in the schedule reduce over the next hours.

Alas, since the conference booklets are already being printed, the version of the schedule you will find in there will be slightly outdated. We will try to communicate all changes clearly during the conference to compensate for this.

Good EuroPythoneer's checklist

— Giovanni, 16 June 2011