PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019

Big PyXpectations!

This should be the year of rebirth, and so it is!
We joined the forces, we worked hard and the results are our reward!

We are officially very proud to announce that the attendees number we are reaching are far beyond our expectations! With nearly 250 tickets sold at the end of the Early Bird the attendees number has quite doubled the last year's one! It's true, union make strenght!
A big approval to everyone who, on behalf of the subcommunities of Django, Odoo and PyData, is losing her sleep in order to give you a truly unique experience!

For this reason don't miss the beautiful social events we are preparing for you! You can find some general information here, but keep in touch for more forthcoming news!

— Matteo, 03 March 2015  pyfiorentinapybeerconferenza