PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019


Someone craved, waiting for it; others tried the group therapy. Somebody else even tried to call the police for a missing appeal, we are! After two years of absence from our official programme, the PyFiorentina strikes back again!

After two long years of waiting, we finally go for it! How could we stand against the aroma of such a delicious dish, eh?

Mostly moved by our bellies, then by hearts, we resolved to celebrate this new PyCon format with one of our olden tradition: the beloved PyFiorentina!
The most stylish dinner for young and hungry (of success) developers has come back again as the main social event of the PyCon Italia conference!

And if you are vegetarian, no worries! Thanks to our varied menu, even our vegetarian friends will find satisfaction during the social dinner.

Thus, how could you stand for it ? Book it now!

For the complete menu, booking information, and more please click HERE.

— Matteo, 20 March 2015  pyfiorentinaeventi socialiconferenzasocial events

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