PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019

It's raining (py)news!

Blow the trumpets, roll the drums the schedule is online! It took us a couple of days more than expected to try and fit in as much pycontent as possible and we hope the outcome will satisfy you!

Online schedule!

With the online schedule you can choose your favourite talks and mark them to create your personal timetable.
Don't forget to book the training sessions you want to attend. The places available for these sessions are limited and those who book on the website will take precedence over the others in the eventuality of overbooking.
We remind you that during the next days there could be small changes to accommodate the potential individual needs of some speakers, so keep an eye on the website!

DjangoGirls @PyCon Sette

This year at PyCon we will host a workshop held by #DjangoGirls. Although we will allocate as many space as possible for the workshop places will be limited, so hurry and sign up:
Entrance is free for the worshop participants on Sunday only, but we decided to reserve a discounted student fare for the girls also interested in attending the rest of the conference on Friday and Saturday.

Start the StartUp Up!

As announced a few days ago, we have just launched our initiative to help StartUps even partially developed in Python.
Here's the full details:
Help us spread the word to reach as many startuppers as possible!