PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019

Pythonic centre of gravity!

We are proud to officially announce that two very enticing events on the latest scientific trends will take place during PyCon Sette, two events of an indisputable.. gravity!

Gravitational PyWaves

This is what will be happening at PyCon Sette: Franco Carbognani and Tito dal Canton will speak about the role and employment of Python in the recent groundbreaking observations of gravitational waves! With a Keynote and a talk in the PyData track we'll actually bring you one of the hottest topics of the global scientific scene, thanks to guests who are key players and direct collaborators to the LIGO and Advanced VIRGO projects.

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Less than 2 months ago we launched a competition for the Python-developed startups in the hope that it could be of interest and help. That it would earn support for projects that could soon become the frame itself of companies spreading Python alongside us in the future. Now, at the end of the call for startups, we are proud to say that reality did go beyond our greatest expectations. Within a week we will announce the names the two winners which will be carefully selected amongst all the startups that entered the competition. In the meanwhile though, we really want to thank all the partners that helped us spreading the word of this initiative and all the startups which joined our competition.


Thanks to our partnership with Packt Publishing we can offer PyCon Sette attendees a discount code on the following eBooks:
Discount Code: Y7xEHH7
Validity: from the 15th to the 31st March 2016
The code is redeemable on all the eBooks listed above through the links beside the titles.

Thank you all, this year PyCon will be unforgettable!