PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019

A friend in need, pyfriend indeed!

Time is running and PyCon 8 is taking shape on our horizon. We have lots of ideas and we sincerely hope you'll like them!

Call For Proposals extended:
Since our soul is italian we won't feel at ease unless we are late. That's why we extended the Call For Proposals to the 22nd of January, to let every latecomer submit their proposals for the community voting. Talking of CFP, we probably have to announce a new record. But we will do it after the 22nd of January ;)
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Pyversity: This year we are working hard to make PyCon Italia as much comfortable and healthy for everyone of you. We think that minorities are just the facets of a diamond. They enrich us and must be protected and supported, because where there is diversity there is comparison, and where there is comparison there are richness and evolution. This is why, more than ever, our efforts are made towards inclusiveness and sharing, and that's why we are building many partnerships, like the one with Code It Like a Girl. About this, we really want to thank the Python Software Foundation which again this year helped us for having the funds for making some grants available. PyCon Italia must be and stay an experience for and of all the pythonista!
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