PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019

Startup Competition updates and PyCon Italia 8 social events

Startup Competition: the registration closing is posticipated! One more week for the late comers. Read more for details. During PyCon Italia we will run many social events for chilling together drinking, eating and enjoying our beautiful Firenze.

Startup Competition Updates
We choosed to posticipate the registration closing to the competition. We are aware of a few projects that won't be in time with the deadline and by mutual agreement with our partner we determined to give one more week for registering. This means that we will have very few days to judge in order not to lose more time on other deadlines: we expect to state the winners by march 28th, in order to give you the chance to buy tickets with the regular fee and to give to the winner startups enough time to get ready for their speech at PyCon Italia. All the startup which join the competition will be present at the Startup Corner with their poster.
Information about the PyCon Italia Startup Competition

During PyCon Italia 8, Databbers Tuscany in association with PyData will run the 3rd DataBeers. The event will take place on the evening of thursday, April 6th: there will be 5 data case presentations to hear and discuss drinking together a beer, offered by our spanish sponsor Estrella.
Do you want to join as a speaker? As attendee? As drinker? Book your place!
Still no idea of what we are talking about? Read and book your place! socialize or not to socialize? The answer is, of course: beer!
There are moments in our life when we need to evolve, and moments when we need to keep strong on our traditions. During PyCon Italia we have traditions which we'll never give up to lose: beer and food.
We want you all to join our wonderful social events, the PyBeer on friday 7th evening at the James Joyce Pub, a few steps away from PyCon Italia Otto, and obviously the renowned PyFiorentina, on saturday 8th evening at Trattoria Zazà, to taste the Fiorentina Steak, well famous in the whole world!
Stop drolling and book your steak now!

— Matteo, 18 March 2017  startup competitionstartupeventsdatabeer