PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019

Startup Competition winners and end of the Regular fare!

Here's the name of the winners of the PyCon Italia 8 Startup Competition! Be careful, the end of the Regular fare is close, be quick and buy your ticket now!

The Regular fare is about to end:
Only a few days are left for buying your ticket for PyCon Italia 8 with the regular fare. Starting from April 1st we'll open the on-desk fare. What are you waiting for? We've done our best to create an event in order to satisfy even the hard to please, now there's only one thing missing: you!
buy your ticket for PyCon Italia now, don't wait

Winner Startups:
It was very hard for us to decide, the projects were all very interesting and obviously many of them are about to become important and concrete. Finally, the two awarded startup of the PyCon Italia 8 Startup Competition are:
Sellf and OvalMoney
Our compliments to this two startups as to all who joined the competition! Remember that during PyCon Italia there will be a Startup Corner with a poster session for all the Startup who joined the competition and other startuppers with whom you can network or just have a chat!

For many years the Open Source world and Microsft looked at each other with not so much harmony. But a few months ago the policies of the company have changed and the integration of the Open Source world's services became more and more a key objective of the Redmond colossus. The new attitude turns around four keywords: licensing, integration, release and contribution. This new strategy deserve to be illustrated and more deserve to be shown the advantages of the Microsoft's Cloud platform with the not-Microsoft world. Don't miss the related panel scheduled during PyCon Italia 8!

Python Italia meeting:
As we did the last year, we will use PyCon Italia for the yearly Python Italia meeting. This year the meeting will be very important because it will be possible to apply for the association's leading roles and we'll run the eventual elections. The meeting will take place on April 6th at 7.00 pm. Another reason you can't miss PyCon Italia!