PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019

Finally: PyCon!

Here we go. The boxes are all ready. The third check has been done. Tomorrow will officially start PyCon Italia 8 and months and months of work will see their goal. We're tired, but we can't wait to see you all in this great occasion :)

PyCon Italia App:
A few months ago a brave handful of heroes took on a challenge in order to bring the sun even in the obscure existences of the PyConistas: at last, an app will light the experience of all the next PyCon Italia attendees. Download it, test it and help us refine it!
Android version
iOs version
Our grateful thanks to Sabatino Severino, Marco Izzo and Pentatechnology for this!

This year more than ever we'd like to feel the community partecipation in our event. That's why we decided to give the chance, for those who want, to help somehow all the others. At the registration desk you'll have the chance to take a pin that will identify you as a Mentor for a specific topic: Startup, Diversity, Python. When you'll wear that pin you'll be available for all the others who can ask you information, help or even a simple hint about the topic you choose. A kind of PyCon superhero :) This pins are in a limited amount, so take them only if you are really interested in beeing a Mentor for our community!

PyCon is coming! What are you waiting for? Book your place in our social dinner! You can taste the famous Fiorentina Steak only in Florence, and we can swear that the quality of the Trattoria Zazà is very high: every bite you'll eat will confirm this :)
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