PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019

Goodbye and thanks for all the python!

Here we are.
Unfortunately it's all true.
Even for this year, PyCon Italia is ended.

The curtain closed on our eight local event.
After so much efforts and many months we are proud to have given life to what we think was probably the best PyCon Italia ever. Many people, nearly 600, from all over the world. Speakers and attendees literally from every continent. Many students giving us new enthusiasm and a new push to aim to our next targets.

We want to thank, from the very bottom of our heart, every attendee, speaker, volunteer, staff member, sponsor, partner and startup which made all of this possible. Be aware that we are yet working to get better: that's why in the next hours we will send to every attendee an anonymous feedback form which will help us understanding what has worked and what didn't, what we've done well and what we can improve, what you liked and what you did not.

We greet you all with a huge satisfaction in our hearts and with even more will to make PyCon Italia grow and become, even more that it is now, a reference point for many pythonistas, from all over the world.

See you next year, then!
The PyCon Italia Staff

A personal note:

Many of you already know, others have discovered it now: PyCon Italia means not only python but friendship, laughters, sharing and involving too.
It means learn and experience, get in touch, discover and evolve.
It means respect, mutual support, old and new friends, and overall it means a memory that surely will stay in our hears for loooong time :)

Thank you all,