PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019

NOVE is the new bl.. PYCON!

Here we go again! Again running for the most beautiful PyCon experience!
After PyCon Italia 8, which broke all the past PyCon Italia records, we are working again to offer you a more beautiful and exciting PyCon Italia 9!

Developers, PMs, CEOs, CTOs, Students, Researchers and Startuppers. This is the mix you'll find at PyCon Italia, to learn and network around the programming language wich most of all is becoming relevant and diffused in all the world

Keeping on with the good work of the last year, we want to make of PyCon Italia 9 an even more inclusive and important experience for all the attendees.

Basing on the feedbacks of the past edition, we thought of various initiatives to support everyone needs and to build an even more comfortable environment, along with an unique learning and social experience.

Let's start again from the opening of the Call For Proposals: Do you have ideas to speak about? Case studies to share? Topics you'd like to debat or a training to propose? Submit your proposal by January 7th:

Early Bird tickets wil be available until the official publishing of the schedule (January 21st) with a super discounted fare. Moreover we have a certain amount of rooms available in the venue Hotel with a very convenient price:

Soon many news on the social events and new ways to support diversity!

Can't wait to see you all again at PyCon Italia 9 :)