PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019

CFP and Call to PyArms!

A new record destroyed the past year one. The actual number about the CFP of the next PyCon confirms the growing of PyCon Italia with an extraordinary +50% of talk submission and this makes us extremely happy!

...but as stated before, our goal is to raise the overall quality level of the conference, that's why we choose to extend the CFP closing by one week. Many people wrote us because they knew about the deadline too late, beyond the always late that missed the last minute submission.

Moreover we would like to shout a call to arms: the submissions were many, but we'd like to have a more strong presence of basic topic with well made speechs, teaching everyday best practices and helping the new pythonistas to learn.

A big part of our work this year aimed to help the wannabe speakers to improve and to enhance its submissions in order to have an higher overall level of the speeches, but this doesn't mean to have only expert talks, it means to have a suitable number of interesting and well made talks, well done and clear.

Most important, if not essential, is our dedication for supporting the diversity which makes python so strong. That's why we need more talks about everything: talks for newbies, web, management tools, databases and inspirational and community talks

Then, the Call for Proposals will be extended by one more week (new closing: sunday January 14th, 23:59:59 CET), and we'd be very thankful if you'd like to help us, again for making the incoming PyCon Italia 9 even better than the last year one :)

Submit your talk HERE!