PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019

PyCon Nove is coming!!!

Hey pyhtonistas, the ninth edition of PyCon Itala is approaching!!! Just over a month and there are lot of stuff we have to do and just as many to remind you.

Let's start with the fun stuff 😎, also this year, as per tradition, on Friday 20th there will be the PyBeer. This year we wanted to change the location to satisfy even the most refined tastes: the PyBirra will be at Braumeister. We have set a convention with the venue with a special price on few beers and on few food menues, all obviously available showing the conference badge. For more details check the PyBeer page. Do not forget to brand the appointment (if you can not stand the fire, try to make it tattooed) 😜.
The PyFiorentina (tipycal Florence steak) there will be on Saturday the 21st at Trattoria Zazà at a cost of € 40,00; for more details or book a seat here, you can find all the information. This year to accomodate the diverse needs (of diet, economics, of taste) of the attendees we thought about alternative solutions, in order to give a chance to all the attendees to join a social event and have networking time. Below the solution we found:
  • In order to meet the needings of the vegan and vegetarian pythonistas of PyCon Italia 9 we set up a convention with Universo Vegano: showing your badge you can have a special discount of 10%. Here's the Universo Vegano's store in Firenze.
  • For those who prefer something simple we have set up a convention with the Braumeister restaurant, where will take place the PyBeer event. More details on the event and on the convention here.
Now let's move on to serious things. 🧐
On the website you'll find a new link Jobs, a page where our sponsors that are looking for pythonistas, publish their own job offers. This is a free service that, who is searching for a new work opportunity, can use for get in touch with the companies. Furthermore if you want to receive email recruiting communication from the sponsors you have to check the option in the 'Privacy Settings' section within the profile page.

Yet another thing to remember are the 2 extra events (that there will be taking place at the same time) on Friday the 20th at 7.15pm. They are DataBeersX and ElasticSearch Meetup, free events where however it's mandatory the registration in order to get a seat 😊.

Given the great results of last year we decided to re-propose the Beginner's Day (Thursday 19 at 2.30pm) during which there will be three contemporary sessions:
- Beginner's Workshop - for everyone want to learn python or increase their own skills
- Learn math with python - workshop on how to learn math in the pythonic way
- Intro to Python: workshop for teachers - tips and tricks on how to use python and bring it in the schools. Join the crowd!!!

Last argument is about keynoters situation. Unfortunately our longtime friend Alex Martelli (aleax) won't be joining us. For health reasons he can not travel so he has had to withdraw from PyCon Nove. We take this opportunity to make a great good luck to our dearest and most loyal pythonista.
His place will be taken (Saturdat 9.45am) by Monty Taylor: Testing Thousand of Python Projects Every Day

N.B.The schedule could still be changed for accomplish the needs of the speakers, stay tuned here -> Schedule

Naturally this post can not ends without a shameless plug. We have already sold more than 400 tickets with expectations that will tend to exceed last year's figures 😎. So do not miss the chance to participate in the most crowded edition of PyCon Italia !!! 😜

— Ernesto, 12 March 2018  hurryuppyconnovecoming