PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019

PyCon Italia is respectful: mustknow for the attendees

We care, we really care about our attendees being comfortable during our events!
And we do believe that respect is the one key to having a comfortable environment in our future. That’s why we put respect in the core of our Code of Conduct and that’s why we work hard to use eco-friendly materials as much as we can! This means that our shirts are 100% organic and that the paper we use for our printed materials is recycled.

PyCon Italia is respectful of every difference which makes all of us so beautiful. That’s why we work so hard to support and encourage diversity in all of our events. We know that diversity means richness and evolution. Moreover, we do believe that the respect for what we are inevitably passes through what we feel; that’s why every PyCon Italia attendee will find two small pins in their backpack: a green one and a yellow one. The green one says: “I’m happy to socialize!”, and the yellow one says: “Prefer not to talk <3”. Attendees can freely use these pins on their lanyard to express how they feel in that moment, for a while, for the rest of the day, or for the whole event. Try to respect which pin the other attendees display when you engage with them. During our event, we’ll have someone who’ll take photos of the speakers, social moments, and relaxation time. If someone doesn’t want to be photographed we have a special “NO PHOTO” red pin at the information desk. This will help our photographer to avoid taking pictures of people who doesn’t want to be in the photos.

The Powers of Mentoring
Respect is our choice, and we do believe that this will help us grow an even greater and stronger community. If you feel like you could help *your* community to grow, we have a special “MENTOR” pin available at the information desk. This pin says “I’m a python mentor, I am available for help”. Wear it like it’s your superpower and be ready to answer to any question you’ll receive.

We are what we eat
During PyCon Italia lunches and breaks, you’ll always find vegan and/or vegetarian options. If you have some kind of food allergy or intolerance, please tell the waiters and they’ll help you with your meal. In any case, all the dishes will have a small sign reporting the used ingredients. Since we know that lunchtime is one of the most important moments of our conference days, we really want everyone to be relaxed during that time. That’s why we’ve thought of having two shifts for your lunch. In that way, we hope that the spaces won’t be overcrowded. Every attendee will find, with their badge, 3 small lunch tags. Each of them has a different color and a different day and time reported on it: the time/day is the lunch shift for that day for that person. Tags exchanges between attendees is obviously permitted. We’ll then let only the people of the given shift enter at that given moment; our staff will ask attendees to deliver their daily lunch tag to the head waiter when they’ll enter the restaurant, thus letting the restaurant have an exact number of the attendees for lunchtime.

We really hope that this small innovations will help every attendee enjoying our event :)