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2nd - 5th May 2019

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  • PyCon Italia is respectful: mustknow for the attendees

    We care, we really care about our attendees being comfortable during our events!
    And we do believe that respect is the one key to having a comfortable environment in our future. That’s why we put respect in the core of our Code of Conduct and that’s why we work hard to use eco-friendly materials as much as we can! This means that our shirts are 100% organic and that the paper we use for our printed materials is recycled.

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    — Matteo Benci, 18 Apr 2019 
  • CFP closed and Community Voting

    The amount of received submissions this year was astonishing! The CFP is now closed and we’ve started the Community Voting. Please keep in mind that the Early Bird fare will close soon and after that we’ll publish the PyCon Italia X schedule.

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    — Matteo Benci, 24 Jan 2019 
  • Forgot to submit your proposal? You still have time!

    The PyCon Italia X CFP is closed!

    Just kidding :)
    We’ve received lots of submissions, close to the record number of the last year, but since this year PyCon will take place a bit later, we decided to postpone the CFP closing of just 2 weeks. Obviously, the hopelessly latecomers will have the chance to submit their proposals and, last but not least, we are asking explicitly for more women speaker proposals :) Continua →

    — Matteo Benci, 7 Jan 2019 
  • Join PyCon X, the CFP is closing!

    Like every year, Epiphany will take away all those Christmas songs and stuff and it marks the closing of the PyCon Italia CFP! Sunday Jan 6th will be the last day to submit your talk proposals, then will start the community voting phase in order to build the schedule of the next PyCon Italia :) Continua →
    — Matteo Benci, 3 Jan 2019 
  • PyCon goes X!

    It seems like yesterday, wrapping up PyCon 9, an event that in only 4 hours years has grown from 180 people in 2014 to 700 in 2018.

    We are really proud to announce the next edition of PyCon, our 10th edition: an event that brings developers, professionals, researches, students, teacher, project managers, data scientists and hobbyists from all over the world. Would you be the one to miss it?
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    — Matteo Benci, 29 Nov 2018 
  • CFP is over! Start the voting :)

    The Pycon Italia 9 CFP officially closed yesterday, and since today it's possible to cast your vote for the talks proposed which will be part of the official schedule of the conference! Continua →
    — Matteo Benci, 15 Jan 2018 
  • CFP and Call to PyArms!

    A new record destroyed the past year one. The actual number about the CFP of the next PyCon confirms the growing of PyCon Italia with an extraordinary +50% of talk submission and this makes us extremely happy!

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    — Matteo Benci, 8 Jan 2018 
  • Hey folks, the CFP will end soon!

    We're coming up on the end of our call for proposals (more or less)! After the food rush of Christmas holidays (in Italy it's a real practice eat a lot of food from the 24th of December to the 6th of January), talk and tutorial proposals are due as long as it's January the 7 somewhere in the world. Continua →
    — Ernesto Arbitrio, 12 Dec 2017 
  • NOVE is the new bl.. PYCON!

    Here we go again! Again running for the most beautiful PyCon experience!
    After PyCon Italia 8, which broke all the past PyCon Italia records, we are working again to offer you a more beautiful and exciting PyCon Italia 9!

    Developers, PMs, CEOs, CTOs, Students, Researchers and Startuppers. This is the mix you'll find at PyCon Italia, to learn and network around the programming language wich most of all is becoming relevant and diffused in all the world

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    — Matteo Benci, 11 Aug 2017 
  • PyNews about CFP, voting, grants and schedule!

    After the big success of PyCon Italia 7 we started PyCon Italia 8 with a new record: we had about 50% more talk proposals than last year! This is the best result of talk proposals we ever had in PyCon Italia history so far :) Continua →
    — Matteo Benci, 24 Jan 2017 
  • A friend in need, pyfriend indeed!

    Time is running and PyCon 8 is taking shape on our horizon. We have lots of ideas and we sincerely hope you'll like them! Continua →
    — Matteo Benci, 10 Jan 2017 
  • Three, two.. EIGHT! PyCon 8!

    Guess who's back?! The 8th edition of PyCon Italia is loading and is going to be mind-blowing!
    If you are a developer, community member or startup, join us for some unforgettable days, from 6th to 9th April 2017, in the charming city of Florence. Continua →
    — Matteo Benci, 6 Dec 2016 
  • Call for Proposals, Early Bird and much more..!

    Grab your Ticket and become a speaker!
    PyCon Sette is growing! New ideas and realities boil in our cauldron and soon will be revealed! In the meantime we carry on our Call for Proposals arm in arm with our Early Bird fare! Continua →
    — Matteo Benci, 5 Jan 2016 
  • Ready, set.. PyConIT!

    Stretch your ears and open your eyes, PyCon Sette is coming!
    After the success of PyCon Sei, which gathered toghether for the first time DjangoVillage, PyData and Odoo's communities in the most pithonic conference in Italy, Python Italia is proud to announce that this year subocmmunities will again have a key role! That's why we decided to proclaim a Call For Communities! Continua →
    — Matteo Benci, 12 Nov 2015 
  • New format, same enthusiasm. Check what’s new for PyCon Six

    After EuroPython’s international success, it’s time for PyCon to grow gathering all the italian sub communities connected to the programming language ideated by Guido Van Rossum. Continua →
    — Matteo Benci, 15 Nov 2014 
  • EPC 2014/5 - Call for Proposals

    The EuroPython Society (EPS) is happy to announce the Call for Proposals for EuroPython Conference 2014 and 2015. Continua →
    — Fabio Pliger, 15 May 2013 
  • Talk voting is now open

    We are pleased to announce that the community talk voting is now open, and will last until Sunday, 23:59:59 CEST Continua →

    — Giovanni Bajo, 26 Mar 2012 
  • Call for Proposal is extended to Wednesday

    We are please to announce that the Call for Proposals has been extended to Wednesday 23:59:59 CET, to facilitate speakers that joined PyCon USA. Continua →

    — Giovanni Bajo, 19 Mar 2012 
  • Early bird registrations now open

    We are pleased to announce that Early Bird registration is now open, and offers an average of 30% off the regular price. Continua →

    — Giovanni Bajo, 9 Mar 2012 
  • Poster session is coming to EuroPython

    We are happy to announce that EuroPython 2012 will host a poster session, for the first time. Continua →

    — Giovanni Bajo, 29 Feb 2012  Comments (1)
  • Call for Proposals is open

    We are happy to announce that the Call for Proposals is now officially open! It will run until March 18th, 23:59:59 CET. Continua →

    — Giovanni Bajo, 16 Feb 2012