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2nd - 5th May 2019

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  • PyCon Italia is respectful: mustknow for the attendees

    We care, we really care about our attendees being comfortable during our events!
    And we do believe that respect is the one key to having a comfortable environment in our future. That’s why we put respect in the core of our Code of Conduct and that’s why we work hard to use eco-friendly materials as much as we can! This means that our shirts are 100% organic and that the paper we use for our printed materials is recycled.

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    — Matteo Benci, 18 Apr 2019 
  • CFP closed and Community Voting

    The amount of received submissions this year was astonishing! The CFP is now closed and we’ve started the Community Voting. Please keep in mind that the Early Bird fare will close soon and after that we’ll publish the PyCon Italia X schedule.

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    — Matteo Benci, 24 Jan 2019 
  • PyCon goes X!

    It seems like yesterday, wrapping up PyCon 9, an event that in only 4 hours years has grown from 180 people in 2014 to 700 in 2018.

    We are really proud to announce the next edition of PyCon, our 10th edition: an event that brings developers, professionals, researches, students, teacher, project managers, data scientists and hobbyists from all over the world. Would you be the one to miss it?
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    — Matteo Benci, 29 Nov 2018