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2nd - 5th May 2019

Posts of 2016

  • Three, two.. EIGHT! PyCon 8!

    Guess who's back?! The 8th edition of PyCon Italia is loading and is going to be mind-blowing!
    If you are a developer, community member or startup, join us for some unforgettable days, from 6th to 9th April 2017, in the charming city of Florence. Continua →
    — Matteo Benci, 6 Dec 2016 
  • Winning startups!

    It was not easy but finally we managed to select the two winning startups that won the very first PyCon Italia Startup Competition! Continua →
    — Matteo Benci, 23 Mar 2016 
  • Pythonic centre of gravity!

    We are proud to officially announce that two very enticing events on the latest scientific trends will take place during PyCon Sette, two events of an indisputable.. gravity! Continua →
    — Matteo Benci, 16 Mar 2016 
  • It's raining (py)news!

    Blow the trumpets, roll the drums the schedule is online! It took us a couple of days more than expected to try and fit in as much pycontent as possible and we hope the outcome will satisfy you!
    Continua →
    — Matteo Benci, 4 Feb 2016 
  • Startup Wanted!

    If you are part of a startup involved in Python, PyConIT wants you!
    This year, after working on getting the python sub-communities more involved in PyCon we decided to aim our gaze at the Python Startup universe. Continua →
    — Matteo Benci, 20 Jan 2016 
  • Call for Proposals, Early Bird and much more..!

    Grab your Ticket and become a speaker!
    PyCon Sette is growing! New ideas and realities boil in our cauldron and soon will be revealed! In the meantime we carry on our Call for Proposals arm in arm with our Early Bird fare! Continua →
    — Matteo Benci, 5 Jan 2016