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2nd - 5th May 2019

Posts of 2017

  • PyCon Italia Community Voting: How to rate the talks?

    Dear pythonistas, this post wants to recap some suggestions about the community voting and summarise the algorithm used to generate the talks ranking. Continua →
    — Ernesto Arbitrio, 29 Dec 2017 
  • Hey folks, the CFP will end soon!

    We're coming up on the end of our call for proposals (more or less)! After the food rush of Christmas holidays (in Italy it's a real practice eat a lot of food from the 24th of December to the 6th of January), talk and tutorial proposals are due as long as it's January the 7 somewhere in the world. Continua →
    — Ernesto Arbitrio, 12 Dec 2017 
  • NOVE is the new bl.. PYCON!

    Here we go again! Again running for the most beautiful PyCon experience!
    After PyCon Italia 8, which broke all the past PyCon Italia records, we are working again to offer you a more beautiful and exciting PyCon Italia 9!

    Developers, PMs, CEOs, CTOs, Students, Researchers and Startuppers. This is the mix you'll find at PyCon Italia, to learn and network around the programming language wich most of all is becoming relevant and diffused in all the world

    Continua →
    — Matteo Benci, 11 Aug 2017 
  • Goodbye and thanks for all the python!

    Here we are.
    Unfortunately it's all true.
    Even for this year, PyCon Italia is ended.
    Continua →
    — Matteo Benci, 11 Apr 2017 
  • Finally: PyCon!

    Here we go. The boxes are all ready. The third check has been done. Tomorrow will officially start PyCon Italia 8 and months and months of work will see their goal. We're tired, but we can't wait to see you all in this great occasion :) Continua →
    — Matteo Benci, 5 Apr 2017 
  • Startup Competition winners and end of the Regular fare!

    Here's the name of the winners of the PyCon Italia 8 Startup Competition! Be careful, the end of the Regular fare is close, be quick and buy your ticket now! Continua →
    — Matteo Benci, 29 Mar 2017 
  • Startup Competition updates and PyCon Italia 8 social events

    Startup Competition: the registration closing is posticipated! One more week for the late comers. Read more for details. During PyCon Italia we will run many social events for chilling together drinking, eating and enjoying our beautiful Firenze. Continua →
    — Matteo Benci, 18 Mar 2017 
  • Schedule, Startup and newbies!

    The Schedule is online! Many news this year with our "Beginner's Day" and the Startup initiatives! Continua →
    — Matteo Benci, 2 Mar 2017 
  • End of the Early Bird fare and other {important} news!

    Soon the Early Bird fare tickets won't be available anymore. Meanwhile, we are trying to do our best to make impossible to resiste them.. Continua →
    — Matteo Benci, 27 Jan 2017 
  • PyNews about CFP, voting, grants and schedule!

    After the big success of PyCon Italia 7 we started PyCon Italia 8 with a new record: we had about 50% more talk proposals than last year! This is the best result of talk proposals we ever had in PyCon Italia history so far :) Continua →
    — Matteo Benci, 24 Jan 2017 
  • A friend in need, pyfriend indeed!

    Time is running and PyCon 8 is taking shape on our horizon. We have lots of ideas and we sincerely hope you'll like them! Continua →
    — Matteo Benci, 10 Jan 2017