PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019


There are many Python and Python-related communities in Italy, join the closest to you!

Are you organising a community that you don't find in the list? Contact us!


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We are a community of 115 members to date. Every 2 months we bring a workshop to a different city. The topics covered during our workshops are Django, Git, Python, Heroku, HTML / CSS, diversity.


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A group that organize events about the Python language: Meetings, Sprints, Workshops in the Florence area.


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We are a very welcoming community, we meet every month to talk about all Python aspects (Flask, Django, Genropy, DataScience, object-oriented programming ...). We often meet just for a PyBeer ;)

Reggio Emilia

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In our meetings we usually discuss specific topics of the Python language, but we had meetings about api rest, robotics, home automation, machine learning.


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Monthly meetings with 100 participants, the topics range from ML to data-science in general or deep learning.
The community is part of a national association about ML:

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Every two months a meeting is fixed, the number of people varies from 15 to 30 people. Topics covered: machine learning, data science, web developing, computer security, agile, django, python , microservices and containers, frontend test, scrum, diversity.


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We have a study group that gathers 5 to 10 people every Monday and from the end of March we start with the meetups.