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2nd - 5th May 2019

Europython 2011

This page contains the full archive of talks and videos from EuroPython 2011. More than 600 participants enjoyed the conference in the beautiful summer of Florence: if you want to be part of it, don't miss EuroPython 2012!

A Deep-Dive Into Python Classes

This talk aims to lift the lid on the system that governs how types behave in Python - everything except Metaclasses. The talk answers questions such as: * What is a class, and how can we think of them? * How are classes ... Continue reading →

Mark Smith

API design: Lessons Learned

Share the lessons learned from a decade of core Python development, what worked and what didn't. Look at the development process and thinking behind some of Python's successful APIs and ones that leave something to be desired. Learn ... Continue reading →

Raymond Hettinger

Asynchronous programming with Twisted

June 20, 2011 June 22, 2011
Orestis Markou

Browse and print: problems and solutions

With the growth of the web, how we publish is changing. Paper alone is not enough, web pages are also required. And for many web pages it is not enough to rely on the browser's print capabilities. Sphinx, used ... Continue reading →

Jonathan Fine

Building a website with PyHP and Liwe

In this session, you will start learning how to create a simple PyHP + LiWE website. Then, we'll show you how to create new custom modules for your website and we'll show up some great features of the LiWE ... Continue reading →

Fabio Rotondo

Creare videogames con Panda3D

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Claudio Desideri

Developing Desktop and mobile apps with PySide and QML

PySide offers Python bindings to the Qt libraries. This allows rapid development of great UI-based Python applications. With the addition of QML in Qt 4.7, this now gives developers a chance to develop touch-based, rich applications directly with Python ... Continue reading →

Thomas Perl

Getting ready for PostgreSQL 9.1

PostgreSQL is an advanced, versatile open-source database management system that integrates perfectly with Python. It is developed by a very active international community and is distributed under the BSD-like PostgreSQL License. Enterprise-class features (including SQL standard compliance, ACID transactions, disaster ... Continue reading →

Harald Armin Massa
Gabriele Bartolini
Marco Nenciarini

Healthcare process management in Python: a use case

In this talk I'll describe our successful experience in introducing Python into a system for blood collection tube labeling in laboratory and hospital environments, based on IHE Technical Frameworks –the industry standard for modeling and streamlining healthcare processes– and ... Continue reading →

Federico Caboni

How to build complex web applications having fun?

Web development is a complexity challenge nowadays. Growing number of functionalities results in customer expectations increase which makes project design more difficult. Using proper tools that suite your customer needs is essential. In this talk I would like to present ... Continue reading →

Andrew Mleczko

Introduction to Python Database Programming

The talk will give an introduction to the concepts used in the Python Database API and relational databases in general. Connection, cursors and transactions are discussed, and their use in a typical Python database application are demonstrated. The talk will ... Continue reading →

Marc-André Lemburg

It's the message, stupid: python & amqp

Messaging is a well established domain in information technology and can greatly improve the scalability and throughput of a system when employed appropriately. Message queues can be used to achieve - spatial decoupling i.e. the systems that produce and consume ... Continue reading →

Muharem Hrnjadovic

JSON data + RML template = PDF report

The main problem with reports generated in Python is how to separate the content from the style using ReportLab library, because all informations should be saved in a single source file that, by example, is impossible to understand for your ... Continue reading →

Stefano Cotta Ramusino

JavaScript for Python Programmers

June 20, 2011 June 21, 2011

With the growth of AJAX and other client-side technologies many Python programmers, web-applications increasingly involve large amounts of JavaScript. Many of us find that, just to keep doing our job, we have understand JavaScript better. This tutorial, which was also ... Continue reading →

Jonathan Fine

Latest advances in the Google APIs platform

This talk will give an outline of the advances that Google have made in API delivery over the last year, and how it is relevant to you as a Python developer. The talk is suitable for beginners and advanced developers ... Continue reading →

Ali Afshar

Making CPython Fast Using Trace-based Optimisations

CPython can be made faster by implementing the sort of optimizations used in the PyPy VM, and in my HotPy VM. All the necessary changes can be made without modifying the language or the API. The CPython VM can be ... Continue reading →

Mark Shannon

Making use of OpenStreetMap data with Python

Ever wondered how web maps are created? Ever wondered if you could build something like Google Maps over a weekend? You probably can't, but this talk will show you the basics of what you need to know, such as ... Continue reading →

Andrii Mishkovskyi

Meteorology, Climate and Python: desperately trying to forget technical details

Contents ====== Python is a great language for writing programming frameworks. Python frameworks are normally addressed to software developers who are Python professionals. I developed a software package in a scientific institution, designed to be used by non-programmers, but also designed ... Continue reading →

Claude Gibert

PyHP and the art of dating girls

This will be both technical and light talk, introducing these important subjects: - the new scripting language PyHP, a solution to create dynamic web pages using the Python scripting language server side, a-la PHP, but smarter. - the LiWE (Lightweight Web Environment ... Continue reading →

Fabio Rotondo

Python 103: Mmmm... Understanding Python's Memory Model, Mutability, and Methods

In Python 101, you learned basic Python syntax, what its flow control mechanisms and basic data types are and how they work. You learned how to write functions and developed executable Python scripts that actually work! You probably also learned ... Continue reading →

wesley chun

Python Design Patterns

A completely misguided meme has long been going around: that Python doesn't have, or need, any Design Patterns. This terrible meme may spring from not realizing what the Gang Of Four state so plainly in their historical "Design Patterns ... Continue reading →

Alex Martelli

Python Enterprise: vento di libertà

Nell’enterprise la scalabilità verticale è ferma, l'HTTP Session è un dramma, XML è considerato un bug, i DB vengono messi in discussione, JMS è saturo, SOA un bluff. Parlerò di una diversa filosofia per le architetture Enterprise. Python ... Continue reading →

Simone Federici

Python and the Elephant

June 23, 2011
Harald Armin Massa
Gabriele Bartolini
Marco Nenciarini

Python for High Performance and Scientific Computing

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Andreas Schreiber

Sqlkit: empowering database access

It's very easy to access databases with Python, and there are many ORMs allowing a high level of abstraction. Still, it's a long road from there to interactive handling of data, even for very simple tasks. Sqlkit tries ... Continue reading →

Alessandro Dentella

The London Python Code Dojo - an Education in Developer Education

The London Python Code Dojo is a community organised monthly meeting for Python programmers in the UK. Variously described as social coding, developer training, "Scrapheap Challenge" for Pythonistas and "I didn't learn coding like this when I was a ... Continue reading →

Nicholas Tollervey

What is Google App Engine?

Google App Engine is a unique hosting platform that lets you build applications and run them in Google's data centers using the massive global infrastructure built to run the Internet's most powerful company. App Engine offers a development ... Continue reading →

wesley chun

What makes Python so AWESOME

In a world of many programming languages, the popularity of Python continues to grow without bound. We examine what makes it special and how it influences the way we program: - what gives python its texture and feel - what features support ... Continue reading →

Raymond Hettinger

Writing Books using Python & Open Source Software

All of us are familiar with using open source tools to develop software applications with, but instead of writing code, it is also possible to create the manuscript of a book in very much the same way. These days, authors ... Continue reading →

wesley chun

uWSGI, il coltellino svizzero (di MacGyver) del deploy

La prima parte del talk introdurra' la storia di uWSGI, dall'idea iniziale alla messa in produzione dei primi lavori, fino alla sua inclusione nei progetti Cherokee e Nginx. Seguira' una serie di esempi di deploy in ambienti ostili (a ... Continue reading →

Roberto De Ioris

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