PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019

Guest Activities

Are you coming to PyConX with your partner, family or friends?

Thanks to the help of Angela Parker we arranged some cool activities your guests can do while you are attending our talks.

Our intention was to create unique ways to experience Florence & Chianti while connecting with those who also love and support the PyCon community.

She co-created these experiences (just for PyCon Italia) with her friend and professional tour guide Masha Berlincioni of B-Guide Tours.

PyCon Italia “Garden & Art” Walking Tour 🌳🎨

Only 10 available spots
Friday 3 May 9:30–13:30
25 € per person


  • Private walking tour from Grand Hotel Mediterraneo
  • Entry to Giardino delle Rose (1.0 Kilometer walk)
  • Entry to Giardino Giardino Bardini (1.5 Kilometer walk)
  • Walk to exclusive shopping street Via Gioberti (2.0 Kilometer walk)
  • PLUS! Access to three private ateliers (art studios): Dhai Studio, Clet, & Arco Haisek

This inspiring half-day walking experience will highlight some of Florence’s natural and artistic beauty — on foot! Get some exercise while walking in the sun, enjoying a respite from the busy city, and exploring lush gardens and creative artistry. This exclusive itinerary has been custom-curated just for PyCon Italia and includes personal access to local ateliers (art studios) that would not otherwise be possible.

PyCon Italia “Colline del Chianti” Tour 🍷

Only 8 available spots
Saturday 4 May 9:30–16:30
90 € per person


  • Private round-trip transportation from Grand Hotel Mediterraneo
  • Private wine tasting at Castello Vicchiomaggio
  • Exploration of the charming fortified hill-top hamlet of Montefioralle
  • Outdoor shopping at the famous Greve Piazza Saturday market
  • Private wine tasting at Fattoria di Luiano
  • Private three-course lunch on the terrace at Fattoria di Luiano

This will be a fun, relaxing day in the Chianti sun with a small group of cool people. We will take you to our favorite spots, introduce you to amazing local people & landscapes, drink great wine, and eat incredible food. We even promise great driving music!


  • Fattoria di Luiano will accommodate food allergies. When you register, please let us know about any food allergies.
  • If shopping isn’t your thing, you can hike with Angela up to Montefioralle from the Greve Piazza (#GreatButtWorkout)
  • During our time in Greve & Montefioralle, you are welcome to stay with our small group or go off and explore solo. Enjoy your day your way!