PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019

Help PyConIT

What can you do to help Python Italia and PyConIT?

Python Italia is the association behind PyCon Italia, the Italian Python Conference. Python Italia is a non-profit organization formed by volunteers who support Python's spread with their activity. It's clear that every help is welcome and valuable.

Do you want to help PyCon IT?

Here's what you can do:

  • Strenght in numbers
    Share our tweets, posts and blogposts on your social networks, help us spread our news everywhere to reach anyone potentially interested in Python and PyConIT!

  • Whisper down the lane
    Word of mouth is the most effective way of spreading a message! If you know someone interested in Python or in PyConIT, talk to them and involve them: every person is important to make us stronger!

  • Join the PyArmy
    Join the Python Italia Association! The yearly membership costs only 10€. You can obviously do it on-desk during PyConIT too; helping our association grow up is essential for a shining future full of new ideas, new energy, new enthusiasm and new partnerships!

  • Pycon wants you
    Help us directly by joining our PyConIT organization team: you could just say your opinion or take action and tackle any task our teams have to work on! The more we are the better the result!

  • My kingdom for Python
    Every economic backing helps us cover the cost of the event: catering, location, technicians, and all the little things that make it happen! If you can make a donation you will remain forever in our very heart! Or maybe you know of some company willing to strengthen its brand with PyConIT: put us in contact with them and we'll work out the best way to partner. Every sponsor, from the smallest to the biggest, makes PyConIT possible year after year and is paramount to us.

  • All brawn and no PyBrain
    During PyConIT we'll need many volunteers flanking our staff with practical but no less important tasks. Come forward as a volunteer and you could be chosen to be part of the staff and give your direct contribution to PyCon Italia. Email us right now if interested!

  • Your 50¢
    PyConIT is made by every single one of us, so your idea is absolutely invaluable to us. Do you have a proposal, a criticism of just a crazy idea to submit? Just do it now!

Everything you will have chosen to do or not to do, Python Italia thanks you so much all the same :)