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PyCon Nove


19th - 22nd April 2018


Beer, Steak ... and Python!

As typical of any good PyCon worthy of the name we will host events during which all the attendees will be able to gather and socialize in an informal environment outside the official setting of the conference. Those who have been our guests before will still remember the characteristic companionship and can therefore confirm you can't miss these events!

DataBeerX - Friday 20th April from 19:00 to 21:30 (CEST)

During PyCon Italia 9, DataBeers Tuscany in association with DataBeers Torino, Venezia, Milano, Madrid, Londra and PyData Italy will run DataBeersX. There will be 8 data case presented by all the joining DataBeer chapters, to hear and discuss drinking together a beer, offered by our spanish sponsor Estrella.
Do you want to join as a speaker? As attendee? As drinker? Book your beer!

ElasticFantastic Meetup - Friday 20th April from 19:30 to 21:30 (CEST)

The Elastic community too will have room for an informal meeting where having snacks and a good drink together.

For more details, to book a seat and for the meetup agenda take a look here.

PyBeer - Friday 20th April

As usual we will meet for a toast with a good fresh beer: this will be a chance to relax and have a good time together drinking, chatting and actually getting to know the other fellows from the conference!

The meeting is at the Braumeister, just 15 min by feet away from the conference hotel (HERE!). There you will get a discount reserved to the conference attendees both on a few draft beers and on a few food menus. Just remember to bring your badge with you!


Details on the PyBeer and on the discounts here.

PyFiorentina - Saturday 21st April

Whoever knows Florence will know that the famous Fiorentina Steak is an experience you can't go without, so why not have a taste all together?

In one of the most renowned and traditional restaurants of Florence an unmissable date to taste some of the local delicacies matched with a good glass of wine and with the company of your pythonistas colleagues. Are you really willing to give up all this? Check the menu on the page dedicated to PyFiorentina

For all those who are seeking for a vegat or vegetarian alternative, we have something for you too! :)
We have set a convention with Universo Vegano, where you will have a special 10% discount showing your conference badge. Here's the link to the official Universo Vegano store in Florence.

For something more "easy" or less expensive than our beloved Fiorentina steak, just keep in mind that the Braumeister conventions includes special prices for food too and are available on all conference days!