PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019


In the last years Python has become more and more a mainstream launguage. In fact, Python is now considered as the language of choice for many application domains, such as System Administration, Web Programming, and Data Science.  

As a consequence, Pythonistas sharing the same interests and goals started to create new groups (i.e., sub-communities ) in order to support the development of specific libraries and tools.

Nowadays most of these sub-communities have their own no-profit organizations, which are in charge of sustaining the projects, coordinating the development cycles, and of supporting the organization of dedicated events.

As for the PyCon Italia conference, the organizing commitee has always strived to make the event as much representative as possible to everything is related to Python in Italy. 

In this regard,  since PyCon Sei (i.e. PyCon Six, the sixth edition of the PyCon Italia Conference), PyCon Italia has been organised as a multi-thematic event, where the most important sub-communities within the Python universe will be gathered in a unique event. 

The main goal of this multi-thematic setting is two fold: to allow each sub-community to reach a wider audience, and to support collaborations among Pythonistas coming from different groups.

From PyCon Sei on, PyCon IT conferences will provide a set of dedicated tracks and talks to different sub-communities, as well as accepting proposals on every aspect of Python programming.

Subcommunities at PyCon Nove

  • PyData is one of the most important event in the Python Data Science Community, with numerous events already held in US and in Europe (i.e., London, and Berlin). PyData Florence has been the first edition of PyData to be hold in Italy. This event aims at consolidating the Italian Data Science Community, while providing a place where Italians and non-Italians data scientists can meet and share their knowledge.
  • DjangoVillage and DjangoGirls are representative of the Italian Django Community. In particular, DjangoGirls is a workshop designed and tailored to newbies Django girls developers, that reached an overnight success in a very short time. We couldn't miss this important chance at the next PyCon Nove.
  • IT-Pug: The Association of Social Promotion ITPUG was born in November 2007. The main goal is promote the development, the diffusion and protection of the open-source PostgreSQL database software.
  • genropyGenropy is a web framework (born in 2005) to build complex applications in an amazingly fast way. Only recently we have started to create around Genropy a community that participates actively in the development of this project. It is currenly a small group, but motivated by the desire to grow the product and prove that Genropy has met the requirements to be the natural choice for who wants to develop Single Page Applications in a short time and without much effort.

Structure of the Event

The structure of the event is still under development, as the Call for proposals is still ongoing.

More details will be available once the final conference schedule will be published.

In the meantime, here is the programme of the last PyCon Italia edition (i.e. PyCon Otto) for a sneak peek: PyCon Otto Programme