PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019

Django Girls Florence



Django Girls Florence is a free workshop that teaches the ABCs of web development and is targeted to women who love technology. The lab aims at involving anyone interested in learning the basics of programming, operating no age or cultural background distinction.

To participate in the event no particular requirement is needed: the only requirements is having a laptop. During the workshop participants will be introduced to Django and Python technologies, and also to the tools used by developers (Github, command line etc.). With the help of our coaches, who will follow the girls through every step, participants will be guided in the creation of a blog in a Django environment.

You can register for the May 5th workshop following this link.

Registration opens on February and closes on April 14th. After completing your registration, you will receive the confirmation of your participation. 
For all Django Girls, if you want to participate to PyCon X, you can have the opportunity to obtain a discounted ticket. If you'd like to get the ticket, contact PyCon X via mail. 
Being it a short-term event (the workshop is concentrated in 8 hours) the objective is to provide the basic knowledge necessary for the girls to move with greater confidence in the programming world.