PyCon X


2nd - 5th May 2019


PyData Florence 2018 Logo

PyData is one of the subcommunities of the next PyCon Nove.

PyData is an international series of conferences and meetups organised about Data science and analytics using Pythonic tools.

Since 2012, the international PyData community counts an increasing number of members, initially solely limited to the US country, but now spread all over the globe. In Europe, among the first cities organising their own PyData conferences and meetups there are Berlin, London, and Paris.

PyData is able to attract the interests of researchers and practitioners interested in each and every aspect of data science and artificial intelligence using the well known tools nowadays available in the scientific Python ecosystem.

Since 2015, PyData Florence has become a unique place in which the Italian community of PyDataers may join and meet to share interests and ideas, together with the whole Italian Python community.

PyData Florence will provide talks and tutorials for both beginner and advanced users respectively eager to learn about the Pythonic tools for computational sciences, and to get the latests updates about machine and deep learning using Python tools.

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