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PyCon Nove


19th - 22nd April 2018

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Training []

  1. Deep Learning, the Keras way by Valerio Maggio
  2. Quattro ore di Silenzio Assoluto by Carlo Miron
  3. Intro to Natural Language Processing in Python by Marco Bonzanini
  4. Scrivere Chat Bot per Telegram e Slack by Lorenzo Buonanno Tommaso Sartor
  5. Writing Plugin Based Chat Bots in Telegram (and Slack) by Lorenzo Buonanno Tommaso Sartor
  6. Supervised learning in high dimensional data: from zero to ℵ-0 by Matteo Barbieri
  7. Costruiamo l’Internet dei Robot by Ludovico Orlando Russo
  8. Creiamo un'applicazione per la gestione di ticket in Genropy by Francesco Porcari
  9. Quando il saggio indica il cielo, pandas guarda l'indice by Pietro Battiston

Talk []

  1. AI, Machine Learning e Deep Learning: cosa cambia? by Antonio Spadaro
  2. L’Italia, python e la chimera dell’Agile by Iacopo Spalletti Gabriele Giaccari Peter Bittner
  3. Facial Analysis Techniques for Pythonista (and beyond!) by Alex Casalboni
  4. Performant Python by Burkhard Kloss
  5. Demystifying Decorators by Akul Mehra
  6. Solving the Rubiks Cube with Python by Daan van Berkel
  7. Building Serverless applications with Python by Andrii Soldatenko
  8. Deep Learning made easy by Jalem Raj Rohit
  9. The unconventional Introduction to Deep Learning by Valerio Maggio
  10. A Gentle Introduction to Neural Networks (with Python) by Tariq Rashid
  11. Introduction to Data-Analysis with Pandas / Time Series Analysis with Pandas by Alexander Hendorf
  12. Machine Learning con Python: previsione in real-time della richiesta di energia elettrica by Felice Tuosto
  13. Create a serverless infrastructure for data collection with Python and AWS by David Santucci
  14. Tales from the Crypt: A Cryptography Primer by Adam Englander
  15. ByteCode al supporto dei test per protocolli ed enforcing di best practices by Alessandro Molina
  16. Solving the web most popular code shortening competition with Python 3 by Alessandro Amici
  17. Affrontare le sfide del cambiamento climatico con Python by Alessandro Amici
  18. Time Series Analysis with Pandas by Alexander Hendorf
  19. Unreal Engine 4 e Python: Ora si Puo' by Roberto De Ioris
  20. Machine Learning con Python: algoritmi NILM e real-time processing by Felice Tuosto
  21. OpenCV for face detection by Ken Alger
  22. Digital Analytics Data Aggregation: un case study dal mondo reale utilizzando SQL, NoSQL e Pandas by Alessandro Pelliciari
  23. Is it too late to learn how to program and how being a developer change my life by Alicia Carr
  24. Perché Python fa schifo! by Antonio Spadaro
  25. Indicizzare e cercare tonnellate di dati con ElasticSearch e Django by Ernesto Arbitrio
  26. Django Rest Framework - Tips&Tricks by Luca Zacchetti
  27. How to turn Wikipedia into a Quiz Game by Andrea Cappelli Roberto Turrin
  28. Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Survival tricks and tools for remote developers by Alessio Bragadini
  29. Where are you going? An overview on machine learning models for human mobility by Gianni Barlacchi
  30. Python on $5 IoT Device by Ken Alger
  31. Tensor decomposition with Python: Learning structures from multidimensional data by André Panisson
  32. An Introduction to Pandas for Data Analysis in Python by Ayush Kumar Singh
  33. PyPy Status Update by Antonio Cuni
  34. Crash test of Django ORM by Andrii Soldatenko
  35. Understanding Serverless Architecture by Jalem Raj Rohit
  36. Getting started with requests HTTP library by Andrea Grandi
  37. Basic principles of scientific data visualization by Giuseppe Jurman
  38. Serverless computing con Python e AWS by Federico Caboni
  39. Behavioral Driven Development: Tame the Beast by Adam Englander
  40. Explore the brain with Nilearn by Darya Chyzhyk
  41. An Introduction to Feature Selection in Machine Learning using Python by Rahul Baboota
  42. Word Embedding: come codificare il linguaggio naturale per algoritmi di previsione e classificazione by Felice Tuosto Andrea Ianni
  43. The Journey Of aeneas: A Python Adventure In Text and Speech by Alberto Pettarin
  44. Python in Africa by Anna Makarudze
  45. Python e swift: linguaggi a confronto by Lelio Campanile
  46. Jupyter: if you don't use it yet you're doing wrong by Christian Barra
  47. Deploy automatizzato di un progetto Python 3/Django con Ansible by Marco Santamaria
  48. From Idea to Presentation: How to Prepare a Conference Talk by Anna Ossowski
  49. E.T. chiama Python by Davide Corio
  50. Serverless computing with Python and AWS by Federico Caboni
  51. Why I still develop synchronous web in the asyncIO era by Giovanni Barillari
  52. Be(come) a Mentor! Help Others Succeed! by Anna Ossowski
  53. Test Driven Deployment with Ansible 2. by Roberto Polli
  54. No Coding Skills Required: How to Contribute to Open Source in Other Ways by Anna Ossowski
  55. Django among modern web frameworks – was Angular2 a good choice? by Andrzej Krawczyk
  56. 42 PyCharm Tips and Tricks by Dmitry Trofimov
  57. An Introduction to web scraping using Python by Manoj Pandey
  58. Perché sviluppo ancora web sincrono nell'era dell'asyncIO by Giovanni Barillari
  59. Realizzare stampe HTML e PDF usando solo Python by Saverio Porcari
  60. Chat Bot in Telegram (e slack e altri) by Lorenzo Buonanno Tommaso Sartor
  61. Django and the testing pyramid by Aaron Bassett
  62. Growing a Python community by Anton Caceres
  63. Sparking Pandas: an experiment by Francesco Bruni
  64. Data loss prevention in modern web applications by Xavier Dutreilh
  65. Don't try to look smart. Be smart by Flavio Percoco
  66. Amazon Web Services for dummies - tips and tricks by Justyna Janczyszyn
  67. Compassionate Code Reviews by April Wensel
  68. OpenSSH SFTP service con Python: pysftpserver. by Filippo Morelli
  69. Rants and Ruminations From A Job Applicant After 💯 CS Job Interviews in Silicon Valley by Susan Tan
  70. Amazon Web Services per i principianti - consigli e trucchi by Justyna Janczyszyn
  71. Creare videogiochi per smartphone con Kivy by Rigel Di Scala
  72. Rusty Python by Matteo Bertini
  73. Space weather monitoring for a simulation of a Martian settlement based on Virtual Reality by Giovanni Bruno
  74. Full Text Search con PostgreSQL by Giuseppe Broccolo
  75. Disaster recovery: una serie di sfortunati eventi by Giulio Calacoci Francesco Canovai
  76. The Hidden Power Dynamics of Open Source by Anna Ossowski
  77. Catching Neutrinos with Python and KM3NeT by Moritz Lotze
  78. Svilluppare con python sull'iPad by Lelio Campanile
  79. How to turn Wikipedia into a Quiz Game by Andrea Cappelli Roberto Turrin
  80. Just one Shade of OpenStack by Roberto Polli
  81. Python e PostgreSQL, un connubio perfetto by Marco Nenciarini
  82. Applying the unix philosophy to django projects: a report from the real world by Federico Capoano
  83. Taiga e l’agile project management: join the Oompa Loompas’ Army! by Gabriele Giaccari
  84. Plugin Based Chat Bots in Telegram (and Slack and others) by Lorenzo Buonanno Tommaso Sartor
  85. Da applicativi Desktop a Web by Luigi Renna
  86. Open edX, soluzione per l'e-learning basata su Django by Davide Corio
  87. Automated deploy of a Python 3/Django project with Ansible by Marco Santamaria
  88. Type uWSGI; press enter; what happens? by Philip James
  89. Loop better: a deeper look at iteration in Python by Trey Hunner
  90. Planet friendly web development with Django by Chris Adams
  91. weppy: il framework web per umani by Giovanni Barillari
  92. Word Embeddings for Natural Language Processing in Python by Marco Bonzanini
  93. Scientific Hooliganism: lessons from the first hack in history by Lilly Ryan
  94. Threading Yarn, Writing Code: What Traditional Arts and Crafts Can Teach Us About Programming by Anna Ossowski
  95. Validazione e decodifica di file XML con Python by Davide Brunato
  96. Attack of Pythons : Gotchas and Landmines in Python by Manoj Pandey
  97. Dai dati alla visualizzazione: la mia prima data pipeline by Riccardo Magliocchetti
  98. Ricerca full text in Django con PostgreSQL by Paolo Melchiorre
  99. Presenting pysftpserver: OpenSSH SFTP service with Python. by Filippo Morelli
  100. Django nella giungla Javascript by Patrick Guido Arminio
  101. How to use pandas the wrong way by Pietro Battiston
  102. Comprehensible Comprehensions by Trey Hunner
  103. The hard long journey of submitting a form by Filipe de Alencar Ximenes
  104. Navigating unconscious bias by Anna Schneider
  105. Ansible roles, private git repos and the Ansible Galaxy tool by serena lorenzini
  106. E.T. phone Python by Davide Corio
  107. Leading an open source project as a startup. by Nicolas Garnier
  108. Security Starts With You: Social Engineering by Tiberius Hefflin
  109. How Not To Password by Tiberius Hefflin
  110. Infrastructure as Code with Terraform by Justyna Janczyszyn
  111. The mullet architecture - Elasticsearch in the front, Postgres in the back by Honza Král
  112. Regole pratiche per testare la documentazione by Marco Buttu
  113. Infrastruttura come codice con Terraform by Justyna Janczyszyn
  114. Geospatial three amigos: Python, Leaflet, and ElasticSearch by Roberto Rosario
  115. ZimboPy: Empowering Zimbabwean Girls As Change Makers by Marlene Mhangami
  116. Continuous Delivery for Iot with Python and Iottly by Stefano Terna
  117. Python, Locales and Writing Systems by Rae Knowler
  118. Django Admin - The Swiss Army Knife by Prakash Kumar
  119. Keeping up with the pace of a fast growing community without dying by Flavio Percoco
  120. Analisi dati e grafici con Genropy e Pandas by Francesco Porcari
  121. Cross-platform game development with Kivy by Rigel Di Scala
  122. Combating Impostor Syndrome by Ken Alger
  123. MIT MicroMasters: come sviluppare una web application basata su servizi esterni. by Giovanni Di Milia
  124. PostgreSQL su NFS: miti e verità by Jonathan Battiato
  125. Misura: Un sistema per il controllo strumentale, l'acquisizione dati ed il calcolo scientifico by Daniele Paganelli
  126. The Wild West of Data Wrangling by Sarah Guido
  127. Ansible: sviluppo e utilizzo di roles seguendo il modello di Ansible Galaxy by serena lorenzini
  128. Come usare male pandas by Pietro Battiston
  129. Serverlessness - augmenting your Django apps with Functions-as-a-Service by Tom Dyson
  130. Monitoring Beach Morphology with Python by Luca Liberti
  131. Artistic Python: Mixing Python Programming with Fashion by Ria Baldevia
  132. Python + Windows, like a boss by Nicola Iarocci
  133. Pilotare un braccio robotico dal cloud con GenroPy e Raspberry by Michele Bertoldi
  134. Qualities of great reusable Django apps by Flávio Juvenal da Silva Junior
  135. Differential network analysis and graph classification: a glocal approach by Giuseppe Jurman
  136. Never Accept the First Offer by Tiberius Hefflin
  137. Roboto Framework for Test Code Coverage for cloud services. by khushbu parakh
  138. RFLab - Controllo remoto strumentazione di un laboratorio nel settore delle microonde by Andrea Saba
  139. weppy: the web framework for humans by Giovanni Barillari
  140. iCond: GenroPy per amministratori di condomini by Andrea Busanelli
  141. Sviluppo lato client con Odoo by Davide Corio
  142. Fuzzy is the new sexy: a tour of scikit-fuzzy by Niccolo Raspa
  143. Scaling Django with Kubernetes by Saket Bhushan
  144. Mastering Your Tools by Miguel Branco Palhas
  145. Beginning with django? Why you need to continue with django by Opetunde Adepoju
  146. Awesome CLI by Mark Fink
  147. Creazione ed evoluzione di un framework per interfacce grafiche Multi-Touch con OpenGL by Tiziano Carotti
  148. Form e Campi dinamici in Genropy by Francesco Porcari
  149. Real-time Trajectory Optimization through contacts, a simple test case. by Tommaso Sartor
  150. Migrating from JavaEE to Django: the OSIS case of embracing cultural and technical changes by Hildeberto Mendonca
  151. Why the Internet Loves Cats by Tiberius Hefflin
  152. James and the Giant Forensics Toolkit by Tiberius Hefflin
  153. Time Tracking is Hard by Sam Deng
  154. Taking care of PostgreSQL with Ansible by Rubens Souza
  155. The Monster on the Project by Tiberius Hefflin
  156. ENVIFATE: plugin per QGIS per la valutazione del rischio di inquinamento ambientale by Francesco Geri
  157. Integrating the Bokeh library with Django by Ken Alger
  158. Preventing issues on Django with linters and tools by Flávio Juvenal da Silva Junior
  159. Genropy: 10 anni di sviluppo di un framework italiano by Giovanni Porcari
  160. Django ORM in server TCP con backend multischema PostgreSQL by Luca Ferroni
  161. LiFT - Un tagger di features per l’analisi multidimensionale di testi ottimizzato per PySpark by Michele Gabusi
  162. Terrain Generation in Python with Processing by Paolo Improta
  163. Genropy - Caso d'uso: gestione di una infrastruttura telefonica VoIP di medie/grandi dimensioni by Mauro Zanardi
  164. A year of Genropy by Muhammad Hassan Khurshid
  165. Dial M For Mentor by Mariatta Wijaya
  166. Deploying your django application using puppet by Krzysztof Żuraw
  167. Addons: I can solve 90% of your problems. The other 90% are up to you. by Stefan Foulis
  168. ADENINE: A Data ExploratioN pIpeliNE by Samuele Fiorini
  169. People Are Coming To My Beginning Workshop, What Now? by Nicholle James
  170. Wargame web app - Odoo come framework di sviluppo by Nicola Malcontenti
  171. Usare Erpy da applicazioni esterne by Giovanni Porcari
  172. Using SASS in Django by Jacob Rief